19 March 2012

Sisters of Colford Hall series

I filed a DMCA notice with Barnes and Nobles and Amazon, to have them removed the Kindle/Nook e-books version of Riding the Thunder, A Wolf in Wolf's Clothing and The Invasion of Falgannon Isle. These editions should stop being listed in the coming week.

All three books in the Sisters of Colford Hall series, were published by Dorchester Publishing. I thank them for giving me that opportunity, however, as many know Dorchester is in the final stages of dying. They are not honouring their contracts, and as such I have filed with these retails to remove the Kindle and Nook versions of these novels due to non-payment and other violations which caused me to terminate their contracts.

I also have informed Amazon and B&N that Dorchester has up pre-orders for these novels in Tradesize and have for several months. They are not going to put their tradebooks into being - meaning you are pre-ordered books that do not exist, will never exist. DO NOT buy these, readers.

If you are looking for any of the three titles I do have them in mass market print, since I bought out the remaining stock. I can let you have those at cost. You can email me at deborah@deborahmacgillivray.co.uk

I will be putting these titles out in e-book and tradesize soon with another publishers, as soon as all the legal dust settles.



Anonymous said...

A writer's life doesn't seem as rosy as it appears !!! sorry to hear it ....

Deborah Macgillivray said...

Yeah, it's very sad someone works so hard to make it in New York, all three books are in the black so they did well for the publisher. Yet the publisher failed to live up to contracts, and failed to live up to repeated promises that "all authors would be paid".