23 January 2012

Publishers Weekly Romance Blog Anniversary Party!!

I will be giving away:

5 copies of my upcoming release

and 5 copies of Dawn Thompson

(Candy Thompson's sister's book)




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"Beyond the Book" 4th Anniversary Bash:

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Cristina said...

Dear Deborah, I love your Dragons of Challon and am very happy this series will continue. I knew in this blog you will release still in this year Guillaume and Rowanne's story. Well, I was very intrigued with Tamlym's sisters in Restless knight, then, I would like to know if you will write a story to another sister, Raven (she is Simon's match, is not?). I also would like to know if Redemption will be released in print or only in ebook. Thanks for your attention, your medievals are wonderful.

cholub1968 said...

Here is my post to win!

Anonymous said...

Hi DA! I was doing a Google search for a Brazilian publisher who bought one of my books (I wanted to see what it looks like in Portuguese),and saw a link to your blog. Your latest books look wonderful. I'm so glad to know you're still out there, writing/nattering away!

Deborah Macgillivray said...

Yeah, they did three of my books, A Restless Knight, In Her Bed, and One Snowy Knight. I was pleased by them all. Especially the last one. Kensington had used one of my favourite male models - Nathan Kemp - for One Snowy Knight. When Brazil did the translation, they did the cover using the same model!!

I am still "out there", just barely. I nearly died in a house fire at the start of 2010, and had to start my whole life over, so to speak. It really was a life changer.

Thanks for stopping by.