19 October 2009

5 Hearts Review for One Snowy Knight

One Snowy Knight by Deborah MacGillivray

Scotland- 1296 Winter has come early this year and with the drought in summer, Craigendan Keep’s food supply is extremely low. Lady Skena MacIain is a widower with two small children, managing the whole keep since her husband’s death. While she may be strong, and can take on many a burden, she is still a woman in need of love and a man’s presence to take control and replenish what the people of Cragendan need. Born of Ogilvie blood, she is blessed with the kenning, but it has never been strong enough to amount to anything until now; when the children’s Yuletide wish comes true.

Noel de Servian, had lost both of his parents at a young age, and was taken in by the Challon’s, he grew up alongside some of the strongest warriors that he has ever known; yet he’s never known real true love. While he may not be blood, he was still considered a Dragon of Challon. After his service to King Edward, he was awarded Craigendan Keep and the title of Baron. Noel had no idea that fate has big plans for him. After waking to a woman standing before him wielding a sword against a hungry wolf, Skena MacIain was all he could think about. While Noel and Skena have a special bond that forms very quickly, he has a secret that may upset Skena enough to leave this Dragon out in the cold licking his wounds.

The past is haunting to Skena, around every bend she sees her dead husband Angus, and someone is out to hurt her. She may very well be fully head over heels smitten with the beautiful Norman-English man in her bed, but she has worked much too hard to give up Craigendan. Two lives can come together as one, but the truth MUST be revealed, and it’s going to hurt.

Deborah MacGillivray never disappoints with her Historical Romances. I fall so in love with the characters and am always left wanting more. The next books in her series’ are not on the shelf fast enough. Beautifully detailed, warm, and inviting, I could cozy up with Ms. MacGillivray’s books no matter the season, this one just happens to be perfect for winter. I can’t say anything more than, thank you Deborah for creating such a magical and perfect world that you share with your readers.
5 Hearts


Highland Hussy said...

wow, what a great review! That is one of the most honest and yet still incredibly flattering reviews I have ever read. Congrats Deborah!

Deborah Macgillivray said...

I always value a review from Crystal Atkins. One of those "lit test" you might say. So when I passed the test, yet again, I smile :-)