09 June 2009

Night Owl Romance review of A WOLF IN WOLF'S CLOTHING

Street Date: July 28, 2009
A Wolf in Wolf's Clothing
Mershan Brothers - Book 1

Author: Deborah MacGillivray (Author Website)

Genre(s): Contemporary -
Romantic Comedy

Review Date: 6/4/2009
ISBN: 9780505527813
Print Book Price: $6.99
E-Book Price:
Dorchester Publishing -(Website)
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SCORE: 4.25 / 5

Trevelyn Sinclair Mershan is one of three brothers who have a plan. Years ago their father committed suicide due to Sean Montgomerie causing the Mershan family to become extremely poor. Though Sean recently died, the Mershans are preparing to do a hostile takeover of the Montgomerie businesses. To get closer to the family, each brother is going after one of the Montgomerie sisters. Trevelyn is posing as Trevelyn Sinclair, a wealthy businessman who has decided to work out of the small town the Montgomeries live in.

Raven Montgomerie is a divorced painter that lives on the edge of her family’s estate in a smallish thatch cottage. She shares her cottage with a couple of cats, a one leg seagull and a miniature horse. She’s content with her life and has no desire to date or become involved in the Montgomerie business ventures. The one thing she does do is attend a gala for orphans. As part of the decorations, Raven has lent her birthday present from one of her sisters, a mechanical gypsy tarot card reader. When she puts her coins in to see if its working, her card warns her to beware of a wolf.

Raven’s ex shows up at the gala with his very pregnant new wife and starts by harassing Raven. Trevelyn comes to the rescue by appearing to be Raven’s late arriving date. Could Trevelyn be the wolf Raven was warned about especially when he calls her Red Riding Hood?

Trevelyn finds Raven is more than a means to a goal but can he stop the plan that he and his brothers have already started? Are the tarot cards that Raven and Trevelyn connected to their lives or are they just a coincidence? What are these flashbacks that Trevelyn suddenly gets? Will love or family win out?
This was such a fun book to read. The characters were very well done. The situations that they found themselves in were believable. The feelings expressed were perfect.

The characters had depth. Raven and Trevelyn had interactions with their families as well as each other giving a very well rounded feel to them. They weren’t perfect people either making them easy to relate to. Raven’s large family played a significant role in this story and though there were lots of characters each had their own personality allowing readers to distinguish them from each other. Even the tarot card reader seemed to have a major role in the story and interacted with Raven and Trevelyn. Could she really predict the future?

Who hasn’t had someone make them uncomfortable in a social setting or done something they wish they hadn’t? These types of situations are found throughout this story and they make the characters feel as though they could be one of us. Trevelyn is even allergic to Raven’s cats! These everyday fallacies keep this story real.

Poor Trevelyn is being pulled between his growing feelings towards Raven and his loyalty towards his brother. He gets further stressed as his mother lies at death’s door and he needs to leave Raven behind and deal with his brothers. To add a little comic relief, Raven’s youngest sister is after one of Raven’s best friends, a very talented Gypsy.

This was a fantastic story that I really enjoyed. Due to the way it was written, I’m assuming that this is not the last time that we’ve seen the Mershan brothers. It seems that Trevelyn’s brothers are having their own issues with Raven’s sisters.
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Highland Hussy said...

I already knew I was going to read it, but now I can't wait to read it!

Deborah Macgillivray said...

thanks, Laurie. That first review is always nervous time. So this was a good one to kick off the release. She SOOOOOOOOOO got the book. It was a pleasure to read the review and how she understood all the quirkiness of the book.