15 January 2009

Farewell, Number 6

The saddest part of ageing is seeing the ones we adored pass.  Patrick McGoohan was a hero of mine.  I recall watching him when I was so small, first at The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh, then as sauve John Drake in Danger Man/Secret Agent, then in the highly imaginative The Prisoner in the late 1970s.  No single small series has ever generated such discussion and debate.

McGoohan was a rogue.  Refused the offer of play James Bond, often professed he didn't indugle in vices on screen that he didn't do off screen.  I laughed, wondering if that included murder, as he had managed a few of those over the years.

McGoohan was bloody handsome, with intense blue eyes, but it was the intelligence behind those eyes that captured the attention.

I can only say in his passing, I am deeply saddned.

Patrick....be seeing you.......

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