25 December 2008

Christmas reflections......


    Christmas is a time for friends and family.  They ARE the holiday.  It draws families together, and makes friends appreciate just how lucky they are to have these special people in our lives.  It’s a manic time, rushing to get presents, wrap them, decorate, parties and dinners.  But it’s a happy time, for giving is what makes it rare, special.  It’s giving love, and that always warms the heart, so much more than getting.

           As we age, the kids grow, then it’s a little harder to hold onto that magic of childhood Christmases.  Why I love watching A Christmas Story and Ralphie’s quest for a Red Rider BB gun.  Times were simpler then.  It must affect Ted Turner the same way, since TNT runs twenty-four hours of the movie every Christmas.    I cherish images from Christmases past.  Those memories live bright and shining in my mind.

           Times change.  Christmas is no more the hunt for a Barbie Doll, a bike or a BB gun.  Kids want their own computers, cell phones, I-phones, MP3 players…lol, stuff that was only seen in Bond Films when we were kids.  And this Christmas is harder than most for so many.  I have so many dear friends going through troubled times.  Several have had surgery, others face surgery come the first of the year, and too many of our sons and daughters are still overseas fighting in a war that is coming to parallel Vietnam.  We little understood that war; we little understand this one.  We just know our precious children are dying in some foreign place and have no real idea why.  BRING THEM HOME.  American needs to take care of America.  The billions spent on this war could do so much good at home.

           Recently they extended unemployment because of the recession.  Recession.  It’s been a long time since we have heard that word, but that’s what the US economy is seeing.  While the US government is wasting billions in fighting a war with no end, people on unemployment were seeing it run out.  Families face a bleak Christmas this year because our government would rather send billions overseas, than millions at home for the people who are in need.

           Some of you are asking me how Diane Thompson is doing.  She is the sister of Dawn Thompson and lost her job while nursing Dawn in her final hours and hasn’t been able to find a job since.   Diane “Candy” has a hard time walking, has no car and is far from a bus line, so it’s really made it hard.  One job was perfect for her, but they took one look at her wobbling gate and turned her down.  The world is just not accessible to someone who cannot get around good, who cannot stand for eight hours at a cash register.  Her unemployment was extended 7 weeks, not 14 like most of the nation.  New Yorkers didn’t get the full extension.   It’s allowed her to stay in her apartment until January, at which time she faces an eviction notice.  She is 61 ½ years old, not old enough yet for Social Security.  So she is facing a very dismal start of the New Year.  She won’t get Social Security until she is 62 (July).  She needs medical help bad, but the government won’t give it to her until the unemployment runs out.  So she is getting by…just barely.  Christmas is very bleak for her.  I sent her a small gift, a music box to cheer her.  Not too expensive as I knew she could use the money to make ends meet.  I used the rest to pay her phone bill so they wouldn’t cut it off.  I found a wonderful place that makes delicious meals, which are sealed and can be delivered, so she will have a good Christmas dinner.  It’s so sad that Dawn had such a struggle the last year of her life, and now her sister is going through the same thing.

           Why friends and families are so important.  They are there in hard times.  It’s a Christian duty to help, and truly, giving makes you feel so good.

           So treasure those precious friends and family…we lose too many of them. 

Then it’s too late to say I love you.

My Best for you in 2009,


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