06 September 2008

5 Angels Review for Riding the Thunder

Riding the Thunder

Asha Montgomerie is the proprietor of the Windmill, which consists of a motel, swim club, restaurant, laundromat, and drive-in. She has tried to keep it in it’s original state ever since she became the owner, especially since the place is haunted from ghosts that refuse to leave. Jago Luxovius Fitzgerald Mershan is the head man for the Trident Ventures, the huge investor that wishes to purchase Asha’s horse farm and Windmill. He is the one sent to Kentucky to try to convince Asha to sell to them. When Asha first meets Jago, she considers brushing him off like most other men who eased passed her no trespass sign. Then she gets a glimpse into his green eyes, and something inside her can’t say no. Jago and Asha share some moments together as he tries his best to persuade her to sell the property. No matter how hard he pushes, she stands firm against selling. The Windmill is too rich in memories especially with the ghost residents of Tommy, Laura and the simultaneously playing jukebox. As flashbacks of Tommy and Laura creep into the life of Asha, it appears Asha and Jago are linked somehow with the young couple that was killed, and if that is the truth, they could be the next ones in line.

Riding the Thunder is a riveting and thrilling read. It certainly gets the adrenaline racing. I love the part with ‘they’re coming to take me away.’ The sudden playing of the jukebox was enough to send shivers down my spine. I enjoyed the dialogue between Asha and Jago, not to mention their chance meetings whenever they get together. The sprinkling in of the past and present, especially the songs on the jukebox, even had this reader reflecting back on many things. Deborah MacGillivray takes her audience deep into the heart of the characters. I found the wonderful cast of all the players a great asset to the storyline. There are a few humorous highlights in the book that bring on a smile with the jukebox. I love the addition of the ghosts in this unforgettable read that left a lasting impression with this reader.

Reviewed by: Linda L.


Marly Mathews said...

Congratulations!! Awesome review, Deborah!


Deborah Macgillivray said...

Thanks, Marly.

I am so ticked this book has really won the readers over.

Let's jsut hope I can do it again as I start Trev and Raven's book this week.