01 August 2008

August 3 is my day!!!!!! Win books, Mike Duncan's CD and perfume!


Long and Short Reviews is celebrating their anniversary with a tour of 27
authors websites, and prizes galore!!

I am August 3 and have a goodie big basket for someone to win that won't

1. Over a dozen Books
2. a CD of Mike Duncan's beautiful songs, some heard on my videos

3. and a beautiful set of a Scottish perfume, After the Rain.

This will launch to the redo of my website

There are a still a few pages to make over, since my site is massive,
but it's nearly completed. Monika Wolmarans of Moonmonika has
done a wonderful job.

Monika is a very talented lady and one of the best proofreaders going.
I am lucky to have her to vet all my books.

So check out the Long and Short Reviews anniversary page to find out
details how to win my goodie basket!

Deborah Macgillivray
Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence Winner - Best Long Contemporary Romance

A Restless Knight, Kensington July 2006
In Her Bed, Kensington, August 2007
One Snowy Knight, Kensington, October 2009
Redemption, Kensington, 2010
Yield to the Knight, Kensington, TBA 2010
The Invasion of Falgannon Isle, Dorchester 2006
Riding the Thunder, Dorchester October 2007
A Wolf in Wolf's Clothing, Dorchester June, 2009


Diane D White said...

I'll be there, Lass! Woo Hoo! It all sounds soooo exiting!
Daring Di
Write On!

Deborah Macgillivray said...

thanks. I thought the basket was a good one for someone to win!

Dina said...

Off to try to enter and keeping my fingers crossed. :)

Deborah Macgillivray said...

Good luck!!!!!!!