14 May 2008

Riding The Thunder Book Video goes over 75,000 views!

Riding the Thunder (High Res)
From: Scotladywriter
Views: 75,063


Darla said...

Hey! Will your books be coming out on audio? I'd love to listen to them...I think it would add quite another dimention to it!

Deborah Macgillivray said...


no word yet, but Dorchester has been putting some of their titles into audio.

I think it would be fun.

Darla said...

I have a creative zen player and have at least 50 or more books on it. There is nothing I love better then to exercise in the morning and listen to a book. Before I know it I'm done exercising and wanting to listen to some more. There have been some books that I've read and then listened to and find that I sometimes gleen more, or maybe I should call it extra, that I didn't catch when I originally read it...besides with all the eccentric characters in Falgannon and Thunder they would be excellent on audio...especially the kitties!

Have a great evening!

Deborah Macgillivray said...

I think both of them would lend to audio drama/reading. I constantly get emails saying both books would make excellent movies because of all the excentric characters.

So maybe audio books are in the future.