29 March 2008

Long and Short Reviews of Cat O 'Nine Tales

Cat O'Nine Tales

by Deborah MacGillivray

Nine tales of Romance under the watchful eye of some very special pussycats. These are not your ordinary run of the mill kitties, mind, but highly-developed felines who have a firm hold of helping romance happen when people seem to be having trouble finding each other. Hmm, matchmakers in fur suits!

There is Auggie Moggie, Jack, Basil, Cyril, Sinnjinn, Elvis, Edward, Bubba---and we mustn't forget Simon. Simon is a very special cat, indeed, as his owner is about to find out.

A collection of Deborah Macgillivray's award-winning short stories and novellas, plus a new novella entitled 'A Very Special Man', now presented for the first time as a set in this Collector's Edition.

MacGillivray's Cat O'Nine Tales is a collection of hot couples, wayward critters and unpredictable happenings - although all of the different short stories are united with a certain, shall we say, touch of plaid to them. (and if you hadn't guessed... there's a continuing cat presence here, as well.)

In "Bad Cat", sexual tension is immediately apparent as main character Ian tries to explain his complaints (about a demon cat) to his neighbor, who happens to be wearing a black, french cut "next-to-nothing" bikini. Poor Ian does seem to lose his focus, steak-stealing cat notwithstanding.

"Getting It In The End" is funny and indulges in a bit of double entendre and is really a writer's tale - in that some writers will surely enjoy this particular fellow getting his comeuppance.

"Double Double Toil and Trouble" kicks off with the drive up to the old once-family castle, and backdrops in this story - like the thatched cottage, and old history of illicit loves all weave together to produce a mid-length saga with a surprising depth.

Heart-broken Ciara MacIain dominates "Rider in the Storm" for a tale with more dark drama. She is the 'woman with nothing to lose,' but events conspire to assure her otherwise; although we learn a little bit about 'making wishes' that maybe we would be happier not.

"From Devil in Spurs" to the "Blue Christmas Cat", surpise, humor, sensuality, and a gamut of other emotions jockey for position. Felines, (strong-minded, attitudinal felines for the most part) also feature here. And- there's just no telling what will be padding in around the next corner!

All of the stories in this collection are wonderfully readable; the development of characters, backgrounds, and cat behaviors are all effortlessly believable. The stories are engaging and amusing and certainly worth re-reading.

MacGillivray's collection of lively (and frequently Scottish-inspired) romances interspersed with a wealth of humor offers endless laughter and one hot new character after another. From Highland Castles to downtown anywhere, Florida, there's at least one special and maybe memorable story here for every romance fan.

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