Dragons of Challon series

Dragons of Challon series
Dragons of Challon

18 February 2018

Cultural and Heritage Art Show

Drafted my little self out to go help at the Cultural and Heritage Art Show.  Not that I had anything entered...lol, but I am always up for giving a helping hand to Christine Duncan, the County Agent.
So off we went to John Black Center in the pouring rain.  Rain is better than a foot of snow, so I won't complaint too much.

Candy, my best pal, had three entries - Little Raggedy Andy, which took a first place.
Snoopy on the Great Pumpkin hat (took second place) and my Scottish Sheep ( first place)

So big congrats to Candy Thompson for coming away with two blue ribbons and one red ribbon.
The Blue Ribbon Winners will move on to Kentucky half-state competition this coming Friday.

1 comment:

Candy Thompson said...

This was so much fun and the pictures you took were great!!! :) :) :) That's a lovely picture of you too!!! :) :) :) Looking forward to going back for the next level of the competition with Baby Raggedy Andy and your Scottish sheep later this week!!! :) :) :)