Dragons of Challon series

Dragons of Challon series
Dragons of Challon

03 July 2017

Missing Miss Maggie

Last Friday was the anniversary of Maggie Davis' birthday. Maggie wrote under her own name. She wrote a bit of everything. Mostly romances, but with a Maggie style. Amazing Medieval Romances, WWII novel, Outer Space Alien romance, The Last Male Virgin...mostly under the pen name Katherine Deauxville. One - A Christmas Romance was turned into a television movie starring Olivia Newton John.  She wrote Historical fiction about Vikings, the Civil war, contemporary romance, comedy...and she has the most wonderful sense of humor.

I miss her. I was blessed with two really good friends that I met through writing -- Dawn Thompson and Maggie Davis.  I have lost two brights spots in my life with their passings.

I recall one time when I was really sick with a throat infection, Maggie sent me a bag of Florida grapefruits and a box of local honey. She was just that kinds of friend.

So happy birthday, MIss Maggie. I miss you.


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