18 February 2010

Super review for A Wolf In Wolf's Clolthing

A Wolf in Wolf's Clothing
Deborah Macgillivray

Paranormal romance
Available from Dorchester Publishing
ISBN: 0505-52781-2
August 2009
Trevelyn Mershan, vice-president of Mershan International and self-proclaimed big-bad wolf, only has to stand still before women are all over him, vying against each other to end up on his arm and in his bed. He's a man who knows what he wants, and allows nothing to get in his way. And what Trev wants most is Raven Montgomerie, a woman he views as the innocent Little Red Riding Hood, on his arm, in his bed and on her knees. Not only because he desires her, which he does, but because her grandfather's financial dealings killed his father, and Trev is after revenge.
Raven Montgomerie neither sought nor desired another man in her life after her first marriage ended so disastrously. Gifted with a magical, fortune-telling gypsy, she is warned to beware the wolf in sheep's clothing. And when a Trevelyn Sinclair mysteriously appears at her side posing as her date to thwart her ex-husband's ridiculing, she instinctively knows he's the wolf of her fortune and her dreams. However, Red Riding Hood also senses her wolf is carrying a deep dark secret and that trusting him will only end in heartbreak.
A Wolf in Wolf's Clothing, the third installment in the sisters of Colford Hall series, is a stand alone magical story woven throughout with fairy tale metaphors and mysterious magic. Ms. Macgillivray creates multi-dimensional characters that effortlessly draw the reader into her world of money and power poised against love and vulnerability. Trev Mershan/Sinclair is a hero worthy of the name. Despite his original intentions, he rescues Raven every time she is in desperate need of a knight in shining armor. Raven Montgomerie seeks nothing more than a quiet life free of conflict. She is everything Trev is not. Where he is over-confident, she is unsure; where he is brash she is mellow; where he is boastful she is humble. She surrounds herself with wounded creatures and heals them with love.
A Wolf in Wolf's Clothing is a story brimming with love, desire and conflict that makes the reader long for more. This is the first story of Ms. Macgillivray that I've read and I highly recommend it to readers who enjoy stories that have witty dialogue, intelligent characters, and sensuous passion filled with fairy tale-like magic.
Overall rating: 4 1/2 hearts
Sensuality rating: Very sensual

Reviewer: Kathryn
February 18, 2010




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