Dragons of Challon series

Dragons of Challon series
Dragons of Challon

02 December 2018

Remember mum...

Today marks my mum died 31 years ago. She was only 52. It does not seem that long ago, yet in the same breath it feels a life time ago. She loved life so much, and cared about everyone else, never herself. She suffered from what was called then "manic-depressive" and often was the life of the party, or the saddest person I ever knew. She was a magical being, and rarely valued by those around her, few ever saw her true worth.

this is her in August 1987 at a wedding for a niece
(on the left between brothers), just
four months later she would be gone.

A school picture.  These are the few photos I have left after the fire.
She was the family photographer, always taking pictures, only all
to be lost in the fire.

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