Dragons of Challon series

Dragons of Challon series
Dragons of Challon

18 July 2017

Candy's 70th Birthday party!

I took Candy to Cunningham's Creekside restaurant for her birthday.  A beautiful spot on Harrod's Creek on River Road in Prospect, KY.  We dined on the patio and watched the boating traffic go by.

the birthday girl!!

15 July 2017

Announcing release of RavenHawke - Dragons of Challon Book 2

I am excited to release Book 2 in the Dragons of Challon series


(Originally titled In Her Bed)

It will be released in print and eBook August 15th.

When needs and desires come crashing together on a Beltaine Night, Highland magic weaves a spell of love and destiny. . .

 Lovers in a Dream . . .

Damian St. Giles has awoken with a sore head from too much drink before; only imbibing in Pictish Mead proves to be a different experience.  Once he comes to, he finds himself naked and leg-shackled to a bed post, and no idea where he is or how he got there.  When the flame-haired beauty comes to him in the moonlight, he hardly knows if she is real, or a fantasy born of his deepest desires. 

Be Careful What You Wish For . . .

Lady Aithinne Ogilvie has an urgent need to get with child to protect her lands from the greedy King Edward.  So she sends forth her brothers to fetch her a man—one to do the deed.  Instead of finding some common serf, they abduct the cousin of the feared Black Dragon—Julian Challon!  Now, she has more troubles than she can handle.  She knows she must treat this handsome stranger as little more than a stud.  Yet, she cannot deny the instant bond rising between them— one that speaks to her heart.

“Like a bard of old, Macgillivray spins a tale of myth and magic, sexual tension and classic captive/captor romance.”  — The Romantic Times

“Deborah Macgillivray enchants romance fans and Medieval enthusiasts alike.  As readers, watching this series unfold in the Dragons of Challon and the Ogilvie figures, we see the birth of a Medieval legend being created in today's world.”
Medieval Book Reviews

Coming Fall of 2017


One Snowy Knight

Free concert on put on by the city

It was a beautiful evening for the concert the city tosses the night before Oldham County Day

Me shamelessly promoting the release of A Restless Knight.  The book is done in high quality library edition paper and looks gorgeous.

Candy in her ruffles...lol

Mayor Joe Davenport (in yellow shirt and partially hiden) wife Cookie.  At that Table is Karen Eldridge, PR person for La Grange.

It was large crowd, maybe five times bigger.  

Tayler Lynch Band and the Insane Outlaws performed.

14 July 2017

09 July 2017

Prisoner of the Flames on sale for 99 cents - Montlake Romance

Prisoner of the Flames  will be promoted via Kindle Exclusive Romance Book Deal in the US marketplace, starting 7/1/2017 and running through 7/31/2017. Your book will be offered at 0.99 USD during the promotion period

Montlake Romance

05 July 2017

happy dancing!!

I hate to lose the cover, but I am celebrating getting the rights back on One Snowy Knight.  I have been trying to get them back for two years, so this is the final step to getting all my Challon lads under Prairie Rose Publications.

A big thanks to Kensington and their launching my historicals.

July 13, 2017 

Keep watching for news for all the Dragons of Challon series coming this fall