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Dragons of Challon series
Dragons of Challon

17 December 2017

The Small Things of Christmases Past

Sometimes, it's the small things that mean Christmas. I recall when this flying angels came out. You lit a couple candles, and the heat caused the blades to turn, and three angels with trumpets would spin around. Silly. Cheap.Little clappers would strike bells. But I recall watching it and the shadows it would through in a dark room and I would feel the world was okay. I sure wish I had a set of them right now.

15 December 2017

An interview posted at Cheryl Holloway's bloog


13 December 2017

Author's Guild Warning about Open Library. ORG


Two weeks ago I discovered my novels on this site, and despite their mission statement, they NEVER answered my DMCA notices to take them down.  They have 12-31 different file copies PER BOOK, and it allowed people to download them for FREE Worldwide.

They were also selling my books at $5.99 each with the notation "Copyright Abandoned"  Which is NOT the case.  So please check you books and make sure they are not there.

Thankfully MUSO.com an anti-piracy site was able to get my files taken down.  So please go check and see if your titles are not on this massive site.

At the bottom in RED is DMCA notice you can create and send to them demanding they take down your files.
Dear Members,
Sorry for the influx of emails, but there is a lot going on right now!

I am writing today about a troubling development, and we are asking for your help. Internet Archive has sought donations of hard-copy books from libraries and individuals for a number of years now. While they recently made much of their project to scan and make available books in their last 20 years of copyright, they have been remarkably quiet about a project that could bring enormous harm to the publishing industry and authors. They have recently posted a massive quantity of scanned books (including works still in copyright that are not in the last 20 years of their protected term) on their Open Library website: www.openlibrary.org. While they have been doing this for some time, there appears to be a sudden influx of in-copyright books made available, as well as the ability to download. Anyone can log-in, presumably from anywhere in the world, search for and click on a book to “check it out” for a period of two weeks.

So far, that mimics regular library lending in that only one person can check out a book at a time. Once checked out, the full text of the books can be easily downloaded; the site even provides download buttons to make it easy. That means anyone in the world can check out and download your book(s), as long as they do it one person at a time. We did some spot checking and asked council members to check for their books. Each author who checked found that one or more of their in-copyright books were available in the Open Library for download.

IA describes Open Library as follows:
"The Internet Archive’s Open Libraries project will bring four million books online, through purchase or digitization, while honoring the rights of creators and expanding their online reach. Working with U.S. libraries and organizations serving people with print disabilities, Open Libraries can build the online equivalent of a great, modern public library, providing millions of free digital books to billions of people.”

But, contrary to their statement that they are “honoring the rights of creators,” they are not respecting those creators’ copyrights. They do not limit Open Library to people with print disabilities and there is nothing legal about providing full text copies of copyrighted material for download on a public website without permission.

So, we are asking you to check and see if scanned copies of your books are available on Open Library without permission. If they are, please let us know by filling out this form. 

We also ask that you contact your publisher if you want your book taken down from Open Library.You may also send a takedown notice directly to Internet Archive. The address to email to request a takedown is: info@archive.org

Here is a form notice that you may use:

Dear Internet Archive,

I am the author of the book(s) noted below. It has come to my attention that, without permission from either me or my publisher [insert name], you have scanned and are making my book(s) available for “loan” and also for download on your publicly available website, openlibrary.com; anyone in the world can create a login, check the book out and then download it in its entirety, which is a clear infringement of my copyright. Please remove my book(s) from the Open Library website and any other website owned or controlled by you.

My book(s) is/are entitled: [list all books on the site without permission]

They are located at the following URL’s on your site: [provide URL for each book]

My contact information is: [insert address, telephone number, and email address].

I attest under penalty of perjury, that I have a good faith belief that Internet Archive’s Open Library’s use of the material in the manner complained of is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law; and further that the information in this notification is accurate, and that I am the copyright owner.
Electronic signature: [type name]

10 December 2017

Three Days of One Knight Stands - Sunday edition

Deborah Macgillivray - A Marriage Made In Hell

  Essence of the game is deception...

When her half-sister refuses to marry the powerful earl of Hellborne, Greyson de Verre, Lesslyn de Sancerre sees the chance to have a life, a home and a husband of her own, so she agrees to take her sister's place.  Her sister, in turn, is off to elope with the man she has fallen in love with.  Everything appears fated in this pact the two women seal.  What seemed like a logical solution at the time soon becomes a battle to keep ahead of the lies.  Lesslyn quickly learns plots and schemes are easily concocted, but realities arising from the falsehoods are a different matter altogether.  Especially, when she is quickly falling in love with Greyson de Verre...her husband to be. 
Commanded to wed by royal decree...

When Edward Plantagenet demands you must marry, you have little options...or do you?  King Edward has commanded that the earl of Hellborne must marry the heiress of Sancerre.  After all a bargain is a bargain—even if the earl views the coming marriage with disdain.  Only, the enigmatic lord of Hellborne needs must wed on Yuletide. . .so wed he shall...no matter what.     
Even if it is a Marriage Made in Hell. . .

Lindsay Townsend - Sir Constantine and the Changeling
He had hurt and betrayed her in the worst way possible. Could Kari and Constantine save their marriage? In a medieval world that believed in God, saints, spirits and the fey, there were also darker forces to be feared. Malicious fairies could steal human babies away or substitue their own children—changelings. Kari and Constantine have been apart for two years, he on crusade in the Holy Land, she left behind in his lands to raise their unborn child alone. When her husband returns with his Templar brother Hadrian in tow, the separation she and Constantine have endured, plus Hadrian’s evil influence, leads to terrible accusations between them. Her husband thinks now that her beloved baby son Valentine might be a changeling. In the face of such a charge, and remembering an older tragedy, Kari feels she has no choice but to flee Constantine’s homeland and retreat to her own country of the high waterlands.   Constantine follows her. Realising what he has done, he begs his wife to return with him, but can Kari trust him again? And will he ever accept Valentine as his true son? At the time of Yule, many things are possible, and as Kari and Constantine strive to rebuild their relationship, the snows, an old hut and the Yule Goat will all play vital parts.


Cynthia Breeding – Twelfth Knight

Isobel De Lacy’s guardian, Baron Roger De Lacy, is set to join King Richard in Outremer directly after the winter Solstice.  Before he leaves he wants to make sure his niece is married. His groom of choice is Sir Guy of Gisborne, henchman to the Sheriff of Nottingham, and notorious for being heavy-fisted.
            Isobel would rather sacrifice herself to the Great Horned God before that happened.
            While gathering holly in the woods, she stumbles across an injured knight and takes him back to the castle to be looked after.  He turns out to be Sir William of Barnsdale, nephew to the Earl of Huntingdon. Isobel hatches a plan. The powerful earl can keep her safe from Gisborne and, when Sir William chivalrously agrees to help her escape, she decides perhaps the auld gods have sent her a Yuletide gift.
            But as they ride through Sherwood Forest, she finds that “gift” to be much more than she had anticipated.

Angela Raines - Gunvar’s Gift

The clashing of cultures, the memory of childhood, each pulled at Gerold and Annika as fate and a bit of magic conspired to bring them together. 

Gerold and his friends are among a group fighting the Northmen who have invaded their country, and for Gerold it is even more personal. 

Annika, a Shield Maiden in the army of Northmen is out for revenge with those who killed her beloved father, Gunvar.  Could love and understanding bring about miracles at such a special time of year? 


Keena Kincaid - Five Yules

 The New One: Waleran de Marche promised not to marry her, but it was a vow he couldn’t keep. Cateline de Armiens possesses the land and coin he needs to distance himself from his father and the coming war in England.

Cate is tired of broken promises and betrayal. When Wal vows to keep her safe and secure, she ignores his promise and welcomes his departure on royal errands. In his absence, she creates a home without him, and finds his return each Yule an annoyance, not a joyful homecoming.

But when the king’s enemy takes her hostage, she will learn just how far her husband will go to keep his word to protect her—but will he reach her in time to save her life and their marriage or will this be their last Yule?

Patti Sherry-Crews - The Protector

 What can Juliana Basset, the daughter of an English merchant, have done to put her in the sights of the most powerful men in the country? It’s not what’s she’s done but what she knows. She harbors a secret that could topple the monarchy. A knight, Sir William, is sent to take her into protection until things settle down.

Stowing her away in a convent until things settle down seems like a good idea. Except Juliana stumbles upon yet another secret while there. Things are not adding up at the convent—literally. When she can't help but dig around, the place of sanctuary could be the death of her. Trying to keep the lovely lady out of harm's way turns out to be more of a challenge than Sir William anticipated.


Beverly Wells - The Gift

Sir Geoffrey Eton, captain of Sir Royce’s regiment is a hardened, gruff warrior. All his life he served England, protected others, and trained men. Tavern wenches satisfied his occasional needs. There simply was no necessity for a wife. Orphan, Heather Douglas grew up in an abbey in Scotland, loving life.

When she joins her best friend at the Scotland castle granted to Royce, she brings her smiles and laughter. She also brings her flawed leg, her stubbornness and determination. Will her bright smile and charm be the weapons to finally take down the mighty warrior Geoffrey’s resistance?  


 Dawn Thompson – A Wish Under a Yuletide Moon

It was under the cold Yuletide moon when Garlon Trivelyan, Knight of the Realm, heard the sirens keen—just before the ship hit Land’s End shoals.  As the galley broke apart, he felt something keeping him afloat in the icy waters, nudging him toward shore.  He suddenly found himself on the beach, his arm deeply wounded.  His blood black under the silver moonlight. 

 Garlon knew he was dying so he made a wish to live, never remotely believing that final request could be answered. Too late he recalled the warning: be careful for what you wish.

Annalee, the goddess of the wishing well, heard the mortal’s plea—and answered it.  Now Garlon Trevilyan was trapped in the land of the Fae on the night of Yule, where magic could save a dying man’s life.  But at what price?

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Sunday’s Question:

If you had to go back in time to the era of Knights and Ladies, and could only take three things from your modern world to make life easier, what would that be?

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Happy Holidays!!!

09 December 2017

Three Days of One Knight Stands - Saturday

Lindsay Townsend – Sir Thomas and the Snow Troll

Two lost souls, striving through long winter nights and days, find each other—but can they begin to truly live?

Sir Thomas no longer knows who he is, or even who his natural father is. Adrift, Thomas sets out on a winter journey to discover more, finding adventure and passion on the way that he ever expected. Fiery Ruth, a young woman who has escaped a terrible servitude to live alone in the northern forest, is proud of her independence from all others...but can Thomas protect her from the dreaded and terrible Snow Troll?

Deborah Macgillivray — ARROW TO THE HEART (a Dragons of Challon ™ novella)

In the season of Yuletide, when the Holly and Oak Kings battle, the magic of love can be an arrow to the heart.

Fletcher St. Giles had always felt alone.  But being a bastard rarely troubled his mind…until Lady Geljon Seacrest came to the mighty fortress of Coinnleir Wood.  Though Geljon was betrothed to another, she vexed him at every turn, following him like a shadow.  With little to offer a woman of her station, Fletcher kept his distance.  Only, denied love became an arrow to the heart.  In the season of Yuletide, all things are possible…and even wishes of the heart can be granted.

Patti Sherry-Crews  To Play With Cats

Will he give up his dreams to follow his heart?

Caterina Glanville is sent to live in the household of the earl in order to make a match. Life at the castle is not easy—and is complicated by the arrival of a handsome knight just before Christmas. Sir Hugh De Lacy is determined to make his own fortune. Rebuffed by a lady who can give him both wealth and title, he gets her attention by courting Cat. But Cat is a match that speaks to his heart. Will he choose wealth over love?  And when Cat finds she's been used, can she forgive Hugh?

Cynthia Breeding – Capture Her Heart

She had no idea her captor would capture her heart.

When Kaitlin Coltan is abducted, she assumes Adair MacDouglas is after a ransom.  Instead, her captor tells her he is after something far more important—revenge.  Kaitlin’s brother has taken Adair’s sister’s virginity—and returning Kate to her family ruined is the only just reward he can think of. But Adair is increasingly attracted to her and less willing to seek revenge, after all. Now, he must explain that to Kaitlin’s father and brother when they catch up to him—with a sword at his throat.

 Linda Carroll-Bradd – A Promise Kept

Will opposing political beliefs and family loyalty keep the lovers apart?

Thordia Ulfsdottir can’t wait for her brother to request payment for the sword he crafted—the money is needed for food. She demands an audience with the earl, but is thwarted by a knight. Rory MacGuignard flirts, thinking she’s come to provide entertainment. Realizing his mistake, Rory arranges a temporary job for this poor, but proud, woman. 

Time spent in his company softens Thordia’s heart, but political upheaval and family loyalty rip them apart. Can Thordia find a way back to Rory’s side?

 Beverly Wells — The Chalice 

Might the quest for the Chalice finally bring these two lonely, longing hearts together?

A brave, valiant knight he be, yet a foolish, vain man when faced with true love. She had loved him from afar, but could she now injure him to aid her mother? Might the quest for the chalice finally bring these two lonely, longing hearts together?

Cheryl Pierson My Forever Love

She only wants to marry her forever love…is that too much to ask?

Her mother’s plans for an arranged marriage send Noelle Breasal running into the woods to fend for herself at a nearby cabin. When a wounded soldier shows up in a snowstorm, she has no choice but to care for him—even when she realizes he may be the man she’s avoiding. Logan O’Malley swears to defend her from an evil rival for her hand, Dalon McTierney, when he finds them at the cottage

 An unavoidable fight to the death may see Noelle losing her forever love before she has a chance to claim him!

Keena Kincaid – Beyond All Else

His honor is the only reason she is alive, but his misplaced chivalry could get them both killed.

War. Murder. Alais of Roundtree hides amidst the chaos of civil war, stealing her daily bread and barely keeping ahead of pursuers. Grym, Earl of Warfield, finds the captured female thief an amusing break from the hunt for his brother’s murderer—until he realizes she has information he needs. Honor dictates his actions, but his interest in the thief takes a turn just as his brother’s killer targets him. 

Will he listen to Alais’s warnings or will he hold to honor and lose everything?

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Saturday’s Question:  
Would you like to go back into Medieval Times?
Why yes or no?
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