Dragons of Challon series

Dragons of Challon series
Dragons of Challon

23 February 2009

Meet Sir Noel de Servian!

Well, it's freaking how much they caught the hero of my book! So meet Sir Noel de Servian, the new Lord Craigendan.

All I can say is WOW!

Release date Sept 21, 2009
Kensington Zebra Historical Romances
3rd in the Dragons of Challon series



Deborah MacGillivray


He may be her Yuletide miracle…






Lady Skena MacIain has seen much hardship this year, and she fears worse is to come.  For a bloody battle in Dunbar has left her a young widow, and her Scottish fortress without protectors.  She wishes she could be as hopeful as her babes, who believe the Cailleach, the Lady of Winter, will send them a miracle in time for Christmas. But life has taught her that things can never be so easy…




…Until a mysterious warrior is found amid a blinding snowstorm, sick with fever.  As Skena nurses the handsome knight back to health, even she begins to believe he might bring salvation to her little keep—and passion to her life, as his body awakens a long sleeping desire within her…a desire her touch stirs in him as well.  But his wounds speak of danger, and Skena will soon learn, his past carries a secret that could shake her home—and her heart—to their very core…



oldflowers4me said...

ooooooooooohhhhhhhh-are your books here in australia-

Deborah Macgillivray said...

They generally are.


thanks for posting!

TheJediGoddess said...

I'm so excited about the third installment of this series. I'm totally surprised as I did not expect a new book to come out. I am eagerly awaiting. You truly have a gift for writing about medieval Scotland.

Have a nice night.

Deborah Macgillivray said...

Yes, there will be another installment, the fourth Dragons of Challon™ - Redeption - coming Sept 2010.

thanks for you comment.